The Perfect Resume for a Content Writer

The Perfect Resume for a Content Writer

Thanks to the explosion of the internet, the demand for competent content writers is at an all-time high. Even so, the road to securing clients and hiring companies isn’t paved in gold. Writers have to send endless applications, customizing their resumes to match the demands of the recruiters. In most cases, the resume means the difference between being selected or rejected.

When drafting a resume, an aspiring writer should put their skills to work and demonstrate their researching, writing and editing mastery. Therefore, the ultimate copy of a content writer’s resume should be brief, clear and concise and tweaked to focus more on their competencies and achievements. If you are planning to draft a content writing resume, you should keep in mind the following aspects;

• Length

As a writer, your passion for words is understandable. Nevertheless, being brief is the name of the game with a content writer’s resume. Limit the document to two pages. Most employers only screen through in seconds, while focusing on the keywords related to the advertised job, the writer’s skills and accomplishments. From that information, they will then decide whether to shortlist you. Should they decide to choose you, the employer will request for more information about you.

• Format

The format and organization of the resume you choose to use plays a crucial role in convincing the recruiters to settle for you. Your resume should be comprised of the following parts;

i. Header and Contact Information

This is one of the sections

Indicate your name and come up with a descriptive title to announce at a glance the position you are interested in. Write your email address and telephone number and other relevant contact details.

ii. Objective

Always start with your key objective. Demonstrate what you can bring to the table concerning what the recruiter requires. Customize your objective to suit the job. Begin by stating your key objective. The objective should be 2-5 lines. Explain how you love content writing and would wish to make it your life career stating the reasons why. Highlight the strategies you intend to use to make yourself a better writer. Not just that, write about how to plan to use your writing expertise to execute the plans and reach the goals of the employer.

iii. Education

Hiring content writers is mostly based on exceptional writing skills and relevant experience rather than academic degrees. Therefore, employers rarely look at the applicant’s educational background. Despite this, it is important to include your academic qualifications since if there is a tie, the hiring staff may eliminate applicants on this basis. Indicate your entire education journey and the period starting with the most recent. Adding your achieved scores and other short courses you have done will be a plus.

iv. Writing experience

This is one of the sections recruiters pay a lot of attention to. List relevant past writing experience and the results you achieved quoting the period you worked and the role you played. Begin with the most recent writing position at the top as you descend. Also, include freelance assignments and virtual internships if any. Highlight how you worked autonomously and were easy to collaborate. Indicate any awards, recognition, and membership of associations if any. Additionally, describe the impact of your work to the company that hired you and the community.

Capture any relevant extra soft and

Consider using quantifiable metrics, for example; Worked for 3 years producing 10 cutting-edge marketing emails each week that was sent to over 15,000 customers. Use action verbs to catch the recruiter’s attention e.g. ‘Spearheaded’ and ‘Award-winning’.

If you ever worked for any reputable brand or recognizable name or wrote a piece that went viral, you will want to capture this first. Content writers who are just breaking into the freelancing world should cover for their limited experience by listing their key duties and business outcomes. For example, Spearheaded a marketing campaign which generated 1 million in sales.

v. Work Samples

The employer may or may not demand work samples. Your written work can speak volumes for you so it is important to indicate some top quality articles you have published. Indicate links or hyperlinks of the work to direct and showcase your experience in the following order;

Name of Project, Client’s name, Distribution and Reach, Achieved Results.

vi. Additional skills

Capture any relevant extra soft and technical skills. Let the employer know the different things you can do. This gives you an upper hand over competitors who can simply write content. Remember, claiming to have so many skills may sound too good to be true and discourage the hiring staff. Include skills like;

Design tools like Photoshop

Content writing including Blogging, Press releases, Direct mailers and more.

Computer competency and research.

S.E.O e.g. Natural Link building, Google keyword tools, and Meta Content

Programming languages e.g. H.T.M.L and C.S.S.

C.M.S tools like , email marketing.

Social media management.

Design tools like Photoshop.

The Perfect Resume for a Content Writer

vii. Certifications

This part is intended for other qualifications that are not within your core profession. Examples are Copy-blogger Certified Content Marketer, Content Marketing Institute Online Certification and Online Marketing Certified Professional (O.M.C.P). Include the information if you are qualified in any of them.

viii. Reference

It is rare for clients to demand references. But should the recruiters require references, indicate at least 2 relevant references. Ensure the person is well-known to you and communicate to them in advance and request them to give a positive review should they be contacted. Add the references in the following order;

Name, title, company, contact information.

• Style

Ensure your text appealing, neat, easy to scan and easy on the eye. Refrain from using flashy words, and bold and italics to emphasize words. The font should be universally accepted and not fancy. Also, use clear and consistent headings to inform the reader what information they are about to read.

Cover Letter

The application must contain a cover letter. It should be a brief statement expressing your desire to put your writing skills to work. Explain how passionate you are about writing and you intend to change the society using your writing.

In a Nutshell

Writing your resume is the one way an employer puts your writing skills to test. Ensure zero errors. Instead of using the same resume template for every job, always rewrite your resume to match the job description and requirements. Fortunately, with this breakdown at your disposal, crafting a content writing resume should be with practiced ease and the call back to your dream job should come without a hassle.

Peter Moss

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